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About us is owned and operated by Golden Sunshine Entertainment Product Limited. Golden Sunshine was established in 2000, Golden Sunshine Entertainment Products Limited are engaged in Producing marked cards, various kinds of contact lenses( to see marked cards),Texas Holdem and Omaha winner predictor scanning system (all kinds of Poker device) and Printer for processing marked cards. All staffs of Golden Sunshine are dedicated in researching and developing new products which leads the market. This gambling products are quite popular in Casinos, Private game, magic show and self-defensive.

Marked cards, Texas Holdem and Omaha scanning system are popular all over the world especially European countries such as France,Germany, Italy, Greece,Hungry and some other countries such as Canada, America, Mexico, Australia and so on.

To offer you the best quality products and delivery every package on time is our permanent goal. Your feedback is very precious for us. Your satisfaction is our forever motivation.


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Name: Alexandro IP: Time: 2020-08-27 08:00:34
Content:Olá gostaria de comprar um par de lentes infravermelho gostaria de saber o valor. Obrigado
Admin_reply: Obrigado por sua pergunta para lentes infravermelho. Nós respondê-lo por e-mail. Com os melhores cumprimentos.

Name: Xao IP: Time: 2019-05-08 17:02:32
Content:Como comprar o sistema de scanner de poker? Eu quero jogar Texas Holdem e Baccarat.
Admin_reply: Obrigado por sua pergunta para sistema de scanner de poker. Nós respondê-lo por e-mail. Com os melhores cumprimentos.

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